Vision and Mission

Mission Statement​

        It is our mission:

  • To become a profitable organization which satisfies its customers’ needs by producing and selling high quality cement products at a competitive price and maintaining good business values.
  • To promote the development of its workforce to be able to use high technology for efficient and cost-effective operations.
  • To continuously endeavor to promote and conserve the environment using alternative fuel and other energy efficient methods.

Our Vision

To be a locally and internationally successful cement producer

Organizational Value


We are committed to ethical and responsible actions that guarantee customer satisfaction, value the shareholders’ interest, guarantee customer satisfaction, accept corporate responsibility and up hold environmental protections.

Family Unity

It is our fundamental conviction that employees are the fundamental assets of the company. The safety and continuous skill development effort for our employees is the source of our success and hence we see employees as a family.


Achieving high performance and excellence through new and innovative ways of doing business

Team Work

Success emanates from a collective drive for accomplishment by employees and officers alike. We value participatory management most.

Our Vision