Human Resource Practice

Recruitment and Selection

We are an equal opportunity employer whose primary objective is securing high standards of competence and congruence of interests to our organizational value. Our recruitment and selection policy rests on open competition and competency profiling. The exception to our equal employment opportunity policy is in cases when and where recruitment and development of women and the local community become necessary. In the interests of ensuring staff motivation, we give priority to promoting our internal staff whenever there is a vacant post.

Performance Management

The philosophy of our performance appraisal system is based on the regular assessment of set targets at individual level. It also allocates sense of accountability and behavioral consistency in line with organizational values and culture. It is intended to enhance self-development, recognition and ultimately rewards, which will improve individual as well as organizational performance.

Human Resource Planning

We regularly carry out need assessment of required human resource based on the functional needs, performance standards and utilization level of each function. Needs assessment and planning is done from time to time to ensure appropriate staff utilization.

Training and Development

We believe in developing our employees beyond their present capabilities, broadening their horizon, to enable them to think the unthinkable and rise above the benchmarks they set for themselves. To continuously develop the technical and managerial skills of our human resource, we will provide training and retraining to make our work force professionally competent, committed and well-motivated.

Succession Planning

We believe in creating and encouraging our workforce. To ensure that the organization has the right people in place to handle future challenges we will groom our work force for future leadership through continuous mentoring and coaching.