PPC 32.5N

Our PPC 32.5N is a general-purpose Portland Pozzolana Cement with attributes of high early & late strengths even though it is classed as 32.5N. It has been designed to reduce the carbon intensity of cement production by reducing the amount of clinker required to make the cement and the less energy consumed per ton of cement produced.

Its early strength (7 days) reaches up to 29 MPa, whereas its late strength (28 days) reaches up to 41.5 MPa. 

It conforms to CEM II/B-P with strength class 42.5N in accordance with Ethiopian Standard ES 1177-1:2005 as adapted from EN 197:1:2000 Cement Part 1: composition, specifications & conformity criteria for common cements.

It comprises 70% clinker, 25% pozzolana (pumice) & 5% gypsum.


  • Suitable for wide range applications where no special or unusual considerations arise from domestic concrete to large building and construction projects.
  • Typical applications include use in concrete, masonry, mortars, renders and grouts
  • Structures like floors, foundations & footings, columns, slabs, beams, suspended slabs, precast concrete (paving blocks, culverts, slabs, road kerbs, fencing posts, waffles, etc), block making, water retaining structures, etc.

When using cement in construction, there is no substitute for good practice and workmanship. It is always very critical to use the correct materials and measure, and mix the materials properly, add the correct amount of water and compact, cure and protect the concrete as appropriate.

Concrete and mortar strength is significantly affected by mix constituents and proportions, ambient temperature and curing conditions. A durable concrete requires adequate cement & a low water:cement ratio.

The cement content must be correct for the application and the water:cement ratio as low as possible consistent with satisfactory placing, thorough compaction and effective curing. Hence

  • Accurately measure all materials
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Add water whilst mixing but avoid adding too much water. The more water, the weaker the concrete will be. It is critical to use the minimum amount of water required to make the mix workable.
Our PPC 32.5N is available in bulk, 50kg bags, 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 jumbo bags.